Jul 24 2012

Artycul Studio is now on Etsy!

Visit my shop on Etsy to purchase prints! Adding more stuff every day, check it out!!


Sep 13 2011

Introducing Artycul Studio’s new Graphic Design services!

Wedding invitations, save-the-dates, thank you notes, personalized stationary…images of recent projects to come! Please call or email for more information

Apr 27 2010

Do you have a space in your home or business that is in need of a change?

Or maybe that renovation you’ve been imagining for a space in your home or business is just be a dream for a later day. In the meantime, why not revamp that space with a custom mural or a faux finish for a fraction of the price of a renovation? Have a piece of furniture that needs a new finish, paint job, or decorative accent? I’d love to help you transform your space into something that just feels….right.

Through samples, sketches and color concepts, I will work closely with you to create truly custom artwork for your home or business to give that ordinary space an extraordinary makeover. I offer free estimates on all decorative projects after an initial visit to the space to measure and chat with you about what you’re looking for.

Please feel free to browse through my past projects to help you get inspired.

You can email me at Lucy@ArtyculStudio.com or call 718.614.4994 to chat about what you’ve got in mind!



Artycul Studio is me – Lucy Mandarakas.

As a life long artist, I enjoy several aspects of design, ranging from decorative painting, photography,  graphic and product design, to art, sculpture and illustration using several mediums.

Born and raised in West Chesterfield, NH, I moved to Brooklyn, NY to go to Pratt Institute. I discovered Pratt existed about two weeks before its deadline, so after hurriedly photographing my portfolio and writing an essay on why I wanted to be an architect, I pressed send on my e-application. It was then that I realized Pratt was in Brooklyn, not Manhattan, which at the time was a completely foreign land to me. Despite my tardiness, Pratt was the first school I heard from – and I knew from the second I read congrats and took in those canary-yellow Futura letters, that I was Brooklyn bound.

Turned out to be the best ‘oops’ I ever made. After a semester in architecture, I discovered industrial design, and there I stayed. I got to design cool things like chairs and chessboards, perfume bottles and shoes. And then there were the odd things, like bug-shaped hair clips and pooper-scoopers. I enjoyed every second of it. I discovered that what we interact with on a daily basis really makes us who we are. Good design comes from the appreciation of everything we use, wear, sit on, the spaces we live and work in, anything we just generally admire – it is the tangible product of imagination, creativity and passion.

While at Pratt I met Nick, a fellow architecture student, who would eventually become my husband. We now live in Bloomfield, NJ, where we spend our time working on our house and creating beautiful things. It wasn’t until I assisted a professional decorative painter in New York City on a big project that I discovered the world of decorative painting and faux finishes. I ended up working for her for over a year, where I learned the ins and outs of decorative painting techniques and applications. My own house quickly turned into the canvas I needed to try all these new techniques and hone my skills.

I’ve enjoyed my country-city-suburban adventure, which is far from over. Eventually Nick and I will move to Greece so we can plant vegetables and ride scooters…but not yet. I have some more walls to paint.

Stay tuned.