Annika’s Cherry Blossom Tree

This mural was done for a little girl named Annika. Her mom wanted something that was whimsical and elegant without being too girly, something Annika could grow up with. After developing a few other floral designs, we decided on a cherry blossom design with her name blended in.

I developed a few sketches by hand and then turned to the computer to layout the whole room design and to explore color options. Mom was between green and pink, so I made two mock-ups to see what it would look like before diving in and picking out exact colors.

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We decided on having a pink background with a beautiful mauve shade for the tree and a glossy off-white with a touch of pink for the blossoms.

* Side note: Depending on the light, the pink background would go from looking very intense to very soft, so you’ll see a variety of pink shades in the following pictures!